Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bad Writing

In "The West Wing" NASA's PR guy compares himself to Sam Seaborne, saying "we're both writers." Sam responds by saying "only if you extend the definition to anyone who can spell."

ETC, 2nd Avenue, and Jack TV employ the same writer to create their on-air promos. He probably got his job based on a spelling test, too. At first I thought they just gave the work to whomever in the marketing department was free, but the mistakes are too consistent to be written by more than one person (or team).

Pronunciation aside (can't they ever get Ellen and Maury's surnames right?) the spiels suffer from a lack of understanding of the nuances of the english language. Calling "The Office's" Pam as "the righteous receptionist" completely misrepresents both the character and the word "righteous." And let's not get started on "Friends."

If freelance writers are reading this, please send your resumes to Solar Entertainment. They might not realize it yet, but they need someone good to write for them. Don't worry about spelling, there's Spell Checker in MS Word.

Unfortunately there's no Stupid Checker.

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