Friday, January 19, 2007

Crime and Punishment


The Inquirer's letters section still carries comments from Pinoys and Americans questioning the propriety of Nicole's partying with US servicemen. Like most idiots from a century ago, they seem to think that a slut deserves to be raped because of the way she dresses and acts. (This is not to say that Nicole was indeed slutty; we know of her only from one incident.)

Most of the comments are of the what-the-hell-was-she-doing-drinking with horny soldiers variety, implying that the woman's actions should be enough to absolve the suspects of their crime. Newsflash: they're not.

Rape is a crime against the state, not against chastity. It's been that way for over a decade now. A woman's "reputation" is irrelevant. What's on the table is whether sexual acts have been committed against someone's will. The victim's drinking and carousing do not mitigate anything.

Rape is more than enough "punishment" for her lack of inhibition. Let's not aggravate it by suggesting the criminals go free.


The Metro Manila Film Festival criteria for "Best Picture" is plain retarded. Box-office take should never be part of the equation. The idea behind awarding well-crafted films is for people to take note and perhaps boost their earnings. "Enteng Kabisote's" blockbuster status is reward enough. There's no need to give them a trophy for achieving what any businessperson posing as filmmaker tries to accomplish.

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