Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm a PC

Let's face it, John Hodgeman is way cooler than Justin Long. Sure, he may seem cool, but it's the kind of cool that shouts "Hey, I'm cool" right in your face. Resident expert Hodgeman on the other hand, just radiates an understated cool, like saying I can do a lot of things but I don't need to let everyone know.

Instead of getting people to switch, the Apple ads might even do the opposite, reinforcing the idea that Mac users are a smug, self-congratulatory lot whose only credential is having enough money to buy one. I'd give props to a scraggly, bearded Unix guy over them anytime.

Anyway, here's something from The Guardian on the Brit version of the Apple ads that says pretty much the same thing, with much more vitriol (and comedy). The comments section is a great read. It seems that Mac users still think we get blue screens a lot, while PC guys haven't heard of the new Mac mouse.

My favorite comment is spot on: "Simply put, Macs are like a police state, you can't mess up the system because the choices of that you can do are very limited. PCs are like a Republic, lots more freedom of what you can do, but then again that also gives you more chances to screw up." It also reflects my take on systems of government.

Oh well, bottomline is you're not defined by the gadgets you use, it's the other way around, regardless what ad makers say.

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