Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Current Download List

Here's what's on my download list these days:

1. 30 Rock -- Tina Fey gained popularity as SNL's head writer but is actually better at scripted single-camera comedies ("Mean Girls"). This modern Mary Tyler Moore show is so packed full of jokes and throwaway lines that you need to view it twice to get everything.

2. Doctor Who Series 3 -- David Tennant reprises his dream role as the last surviving Time Lord. nuWho manages to combine camp with dark grit, sort of like the weird offspring of Power Rangers and the new Battlestar Galactica. Three episodes in and I'm already in love with the new companion.

3. Drive -- From Tim Minear. A serious "Cannonball Run" that might just be the next "Prison Break." Nathan Fillion plays a character that is so much like Mal that it's enough to give me my "Firefly" fix .

4. The Dresden Files -- wizards, cops, dragons in modern-day Chicago. Kinda like "Charmed" but with more of the grit and less of the camp. Starring a "24" bad guy and the best TV sidekick in a long time.

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