Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well that was a waste of good money.

Xmen 3 was a disappointment, but with Brett Ratner at the helm it was pretty much expected. But Sam Raimi losing his steam? I never liked the previous Spidey films but always grudgingly gave it props since they were generally well made.

But Spiderman 3?

The butler-ex-machina near the end was just the dumbest cop-out I've seen in a while (and I just watched "Ultraviolet"). The movie tried to pack too many villains (each with a complete backstory) in a 2.5 hour package that still felt rushed and cramped. Sandman could've been done away with. And while the Harry storyline was decent enough, Venom is a welcome addition if only to show Peter's dark side.

And what a dark side it is. Apparently, bonding with an alien symbiote makes you play the piano, strut down the street a la Tony Manero, and get emo bangs. What did they think they were shooting, The Mask 3?

That said it still has its moments. Bruce Campbell hamming it up as a faux French maitre'd is classic and so is JK Simmons' JJ Jameson. But don't rush out to see this.

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