Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

It'll be difficult to find a theater showing this instead of Spiderman. But try nonetheless. No matter how wide your screen is, this is something best watched in a moviehouse.

I tried writing a review but my thoughts are crowding each other out. That's the disadvantage in having a degree in Literature, you tend to ramble when you talk about films like this.


Tala said...

I love this movie! Ang galing nung bata (though she reminds me of that actress who did Amelie, Audrey Whatsherface), nung effects! Nung Mandrake root!

missingpoints said...

I love that they left it hanging up until the final few minutes. It *could* all be real and not just figments of Ofelia's imagination.

Re: Ivana and Audrey. Yes, with one exception: the eyes. Amelie had bright, happy eyes. Ofelia had sad, old eyes.

Ben-Ariel said...

Dammit. Dumaan yung Pan's Labyrinth dito for a few weeks pero hindi ko pa rin napanood. Spiderman was a disappointment.