Thursday, May 31, 2007

Text-based democracy

Fox's "On the Lot" should've been great. It's to filmmakers what "Project Runway" was to fashion designers. The problem is it seems the typical American viewer isn't really interested in how movies are made, forcing Mark Burnett and company to retool the show over the weekend.

The rush job shows. Host Chelsea Handler was replaced by Adrianna Costa (who looks like a cross between Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson) and the format is now a blatant rip-off of "Rockstar." Well, I'll take what I can; at least I'm seeing original shorts by new filmmakers.

The trouble with the text-based voting, though, is that it isn't really the best way to gauge the best fiilmmaker. The first three to be removed (all Europeans, BTW) are also some of the more promising ones. Carolina from Spain, for one, had a very interesting dark comedy short. How she was booted out over the idiot who can't even tell a coherent story (Wack Alley Cab) is beyond me.

Ah, but that's text-based democracy for you.


Boom said...

i cant believe the "wack alley" dude still lives! "deliver me" was obviously lost on the voters. even the judges hated the former and loved the latter, but obviously the people didn't listen.

missingpoints said...

And Sanjaya was on for far longer than he deserved. Wack Alley probably has a lot of friends.

Notice that it was the Europeans who were booted out first? Americans can be so parochial.

Johann said...

that kenny guy who keeps saying that "you don't have to go to film school to know how to make a movie" gives people like quentin tarantino a bad name. wack alley is so rubbish and incoherent.

missingpoints said...

Ang problema naman dun, the girl who did go to film school (screwing in the lightbulb) was just as incoherent.

Johann said...

^ako rin nalabuan dun eh.