Thursday, June 28, 2007

One shall stand, one shall fall

I saw it for the big-ass robots beating the crap out of each other. I got what I expected. Of course it could be better, way better (any Michael Bay film is)

The good:
- The best lines from the movie and the series were all there.
- Bot-Fu. No clunky banging here, these things can fight.
- Optimus Prime. I gave an audible man-squee in a packed theater.
- Bee-otch

The bad:
- Amateurish score. Each moment is emphasized by some musical cue, like the audience were idiots.
- Too many lame jokes.
- They fly through space by themselves?

The ugly:
- The Secretary of Defense and the head of a covert agency automatically defer to Spike and a Special Ops commander?

The weird:
- Spike gets the girl and they make out on top of Bumblebee. Does that make it a threesome?

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