Friday, July 20, 2007

'Tangina naman o

A loyal presidential ally once accused of felling a forest in the heart of Manila was appointed Wednesday as environment secretary.
Lito Atienza as Environment Secretary? That's about as stupid as retaining Raul Gonzales as Justice Secretary, or putting a priest in charge of the population program.


Ben-Ariel said...

Or Lucio Tan at the BIR? Henry Sy at Labor?


I enjoyed OotP! Maybe the film was a bit slow at first and I expected Harry to be more grumpy and rebellious. But I still liked it.

Yes, the fight scenes at the end are great.. and short. Damnit. Even Sirius' death was rather uneventful like in the book. You're right, there was little emphasis on the Order. Too much of Umbridge I think.

Ben-Ariel said...

By the way, after I type this, I'm going straight to the mall to get my book 7. Ha ha.

missingpoints said...

The thickest book so far had the shortest movie so there. I think it would've been better if the went a la "Bourne" and made a different story line for the films.