Thursday, August 02, 2007

Charles Simic - Poet Laureate

Coolness, Simic is the latest US poet laureate. [Link to NYTimes]

My favorite work of his is still this one, which I got from a lecture by Marj Evasco. It's included in some of my literature midterm exams.

Miracle Glass Co.

Heavy mirror carried

Across the street,

I bow to you

And to everything that appears in you.,


And never again the same way:

This street with its pink sky,

Row of gray tenements.

A lone dog,

Children on rollerskates,

Woman buying flowers,

Someone looking lost.

In you, mirror framed in gold

And carried across the street

By someone I can’t even see,

To whom, too, I bow.

Midterm question: who do the last two lines refer to? (Clue: two words, check the title)

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