Friday, August 10, 2007

It sucks to be me

If you haven't heard Avenue Q yet, here's a good sampler from the Tony awards. I'm selling tickets to the September 14 show. See the sidebar for details.

Philippine Cast:
Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut - Rachel Alejandro
Gary Coleman - Aiza Seguerra
Christmas Eve - Frenchie Dy
Princeton and Rod - Felix Rivera
Brian - Rick Everley
Trekkie Monster, Nicky and others - Joel Trinidad
Mrs. Thistletwat and others - Teenee Chan


huami said...

Akala ko nung una kasali si Rafael Rossel dahil dun sa initial poster. Anyway, here's the link to Rachel's audition video (one reason why people should watch Avenue Q). Been thinking why are the tickets highly priced?

missingpoints said...

^ Re: price, mura lang ang ZZZ. Tsaka medyo mataas talaga pag musical.