Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bastos daw

Loren Lagarda wants to shut down boybastos.

Of course I can't help snickering when she mentions the "initial investigation done by her office." Ah, to surf for porn in an official capacity, most any man's dream job. (If only I can do it from home)

Boybastos is full of "dirty" pictures but to call it the "filthiest site [they've] come across" is just naive. Either they haven't been to a lot of sites or their definition of filthy is different. Local porn (even hardcore ones) are tame compared to what's readily available online.


Heathen Dan said...

There they go again, legislating their own views, tastes, and morals as if they have some special privilege over us common folks. As a public servant, Mrs. Leviste sure isn't serving me.

missingpoints said...

The issue, I think, should be whether the site violated actual laws. Micketymoc has a better-researched take on the topic.