Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Put in 0.00 if you want

Radiohead are selling downloads of their new album for whatever you're willing to pay. Plug in 0.00 pounds if you're cheap, or whatever fraction's available on your PayPal. Now THIS is the way to curb piracy and earn more.

By cutting off the middleman (i.e. record labels) the band can charge as low as they want for an album and get all of it instead of receiving a few dollars per CD sold. This could theoretically amount to more. Besides, they'd make a killing on tour anyway.

Of course you could argue that Radiohead is a big enough band to do this, but the rise of indie acts like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Lily Allen -- via social networking sites -- is showing us the power of the internet to hype talent.


Johann said...

i love radiohead. and i heard oasis are planning to follow suit. those record labels will soon be screwed.

missingpoints said...

You pay $10 for a CD and less than $1 goes to the artist. A big chunk of the other $9 go to marketing and promotion. Which is meant to influence what I like.

I'd rather pay $2-5 directly to the artist, have them focus on writing and producing good songs, and leave the promotion to third-parties like blogs and publications.

Cheaper and better for everyone except the record-company owners. Large record companies were useful from the 60s to the 80s, but with the advent of digital media they should become more irrelevant.