Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bomb hits Congress...

... nation rejoices!

9:20 pm
Oh c'mon. Don't tell me you weren't the least bit hopeful that your favorite GMA bootlicker was hit. But sadly it's just three quiet congresspeople, one from Gabriela, and none of the irritating ones.

9:50 pm
JDV talks to ABS-CBN and I'm wondering why he's holding his ear like that. Is he having difficulty hearing? I mean, with flappers like those...

But seriously, why are these media hogs giving statements like "hindi granada ito?" At least wait for the PNP rep to update you officially. People may begin to panic based on your unfounded speculation.

And the reporter should stop asking, too. C'mon Jay, JDV knows only as much as you, don't interview him just to fill up time.

9:55 pm
DZMM crawl: Pagsabog, kinondena ni JDV at Villar

Syempre. Alangan namang purihin nila, di ba? Useless bit of news.

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