Friday, November 30, 2007


Is there anyone who still thinks that Trillanes is anywhere near smart? I rolled my eyes whenever anyone emailed or texted me about then-candidate Trillanes's "intelligence" and "integrity." Here was a guy whose idea of a coup-d-etat was to hold a luxury hotel hostage and hold a terrible press conference.

He won the election only because of two things: (1) the anti-Gloria sentiment runs really, really strong, and (2) because the Filipino people have elected even more stupid people to even higher positions.

Now he walks out of his court hearing, goes to Manila Pen and holds it hostage again, forcing the police to arrest him (for contempt of court, among other things) forcibly. The end result: the Pen lobby is damaged, Makati closed early, he's back in jail, and a curfew was imposed. It was a futile exercise since the Filipino people learned nothing that they don't already know.

Is the government corrupt? Yes, we knew that years ago. Is the military corrupt? Duh. Is Trillanes an idiot? Hell , yeah. That much we already know, he just seems so eager to keep on proving it.

What he accomplished was scare business, wreck weekend plans, and get himself in deeper trouble. So now instead of having the opportunity to enact reforms in the senate he's going to face even more jail time. That isn't patriotic at all; it's irresponsible bordering on downright idiotic.


Frances said...

"Is there anyone who still thinks that Trillanes is anywhere near smart?"

Yes, Conrado de Quiros

missingpoints said...

Hehehe. Oo nga. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, though. He's rabidly anti-GMA and he was out of the country. Randy David apparently thinks so, too.

I'm writing something (for the blog) addressed to all the columnists who defended them.