Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bad SF

Hells yes!

Entertainment Weekly isn't exactly an "intelligent read" but this open letter to the Sci-Fi channel hits it right on the spot. While US cable is now the source of good, original, groundbreaking entertainment, the Sci-Fi Channel continues to give us crap. Heck, HBO is beating the to the punch with the upcoming "Preacher" and ASoIaF minis.

Science Fiction fans are among the most intelligent people out there. And (in the US at least) they have money. Why does the channel dedicated to the genre cancel "Farscape" and produce crap like "Mansquito?"

The MST3K treatment is fun occasionally but when it's done all the time it ceases being camp and self-deprecation and turns into the very creature it parodies. "Battlestar Galactica" is ending and there are no more "Dune" sequels to be made but instead of trying to create the next great SF series they do "Flash Gordon" and turn it into "Sliders."

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