Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moderate greed

Adjective or verb? Do we allow a moderate amount of greed? Or do we moderate the greed until it falls into acceptable levels? And how much greed does one need to have to ask for double 30 million USD?

[more thoughts when i finish the paying stuff]


Francis Ocoma said...
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Francis Ocoma said...

I would define greed as excessive desire of wealth. In which case, there is no such thing as moderate(adjective) greed, as it is in the nature of greed to be excessive. There are "levels" of greed, yet even the lowest level of greed is by definition too much (morally speaking, at least).

The problem is that people don't always agree on what "excessive" is. How much is too much? What are the mitigating/aggravating factors? etc... But I think it's safe to assume that for a single person, wanting double 30 million USD will generally be considered excessive, though I'm not sure what exactly you're talking about here. :-P

missingpoints said...

The Lozada testimony.