Monday, February 18, 2008

There is no story

I think the reason "Jumper" rubbed me the wrong way is because it hit too close to home.

You sympathize with none of the characters. David is a selfish prick, someone who teleports to the end of his couch to pick up a remote control yet watches apathetically as people are being swept by floods. Roland is a someone who spends time, manpower, and resources tracking down kids who can teleport and killing them because they are "abominations" and that they'll "go bad" eventually. They're useless people expending a lot of energy chasing each other while ordinary guys starve and die and are swept away by floods.

I like Jun Lozada and I admire what he's done. I agree with alwaysanxious that he needn't be considered a hero for us to believe him. The fact that he's a heel who used to salve his conscience by "moderating the greed" (which is like placing a mesh screen over the bottomless pit of corruption) just makes him more credible.

Everyone is now trying to turn it into a battle between the light and dark side when it's really not. It's black and dark brown, two different shades. The people behind either side are jockeying for the part of "good guys" when in fact none of them are. None of us are.

To answer my question two posts down, there is no story, and there shouldn't be. At least not until after the entire things is resolved and we can view it through eyes made impartial by time.

What we need is a plan.

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