Saturday, March 29, 2008

Because stupid is stupid...

...whichever way you cut it. Nestor Torre weighs in on Bb. Pilipinas and he's way off.

The point is, this was a beauty pageant, not a pictorial for a men’s magazine. Was this the show’s way of generating more viewership by titillating viewers? If so, it was misplaced, and ultimately a turn-off, because we felt that these lovely women deserved less exploitative treatment.

Because parading women in swimsuits to be judged by a stadium full of people on their looks isn't exploitative at all? It isn't a misplaced attempt. Sexing it up is the only way you can get straight men to watch the program. We sure ain't watching it for the gowns or for intelligent answers.

Which brings us to the WTF part of his review:

Still, the gleefully scathing reaction her stumbling answer got was uncalled for, and reveals how cynically shallow we can sometimes be.

It’s a good thing that the tilt’s jurors awarded Janina the Bb. Pilipinas-World title, despite her booboo. Anyway, when she competes abroad, she can always ask for an interpreter! As for some of us, we can belatedly ask for Janina’s pardon for reacting so gleefully to her all-too-understandable mistake.

This from the guy who collects "boob tube boo-boos."

Oh yeah. Heaven forbid we have standards. We weren't looking for brilliant, coherent would've been fine. To consider her stupidity an "all-too-understandable mistake" is a disservice to other beauty contest winners who have been able to answer questions properly in swimsuit and heels.

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