Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can of worms

Brian Gorell will never get paid.

If what he says on his blog are true, then his ex and most of his gang aren't really rich (at least not Ayala-rich) and can't afford to wire $70K in cash anytime soon. He is unwilling to sue anyone in our courts and his only course of action is to keep demanding he get paid via his blog. Which is stupid.

The blog, while entertaining, totally misses the point. (If, of course, the point is to get paid back.) A threat, once executed, ceases being a threat. You can threaten to expose controversies if not paid but you can't honestly expect anything from them after you've let the cat out of the bag.

Seriously, what does he expect? Montano pays him and he retracts everything? Would any of the thousands of readers and commenters say "we're stopping now, Brian got paid?"

The can of worms* is opened to the delight of people (myself included) who loathe these socialites with a passion. Like Lozada Gorell is probably screwed. Let's just hope what they did results in something positive.

*Who the heck cans worms?

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