Monday, March 24, 2008


I think the whole “Expelled from 'Expelled'” thing is a misfire on the part of the documentary's producers. The idea was to kick PZ Myers out, wait for him to fulminate in his blog, and spin it as “expellers get a taste of their own medicine.” What they didn't count on was two things: that Myers would laugh at the irony and that he brought Richard Dawkins with him.

Dawkins, author of “The God Delusion” and the face of militant atheism, was in town for an American Atheists convention and was invited by Myers to join him in watching. The producers recognized PZ (he registered his name on the invite) but failed to screen Dawkins, who presented his passport (with his full name: Clinton Richard) as identification. The result is an epic fail on the producers' part and has kept the secular interwebs alive and ROTFL during the easter weekend.

Had they simply let the two guys in and allowed them to lambast the documentary afterwards, there wouldn't have been much press coverage. Atheists would be snickering, having been able to sneak two big names in a screening they reserve for the faithful, and that's it. The film would be reviewed by the two and we would be laughing at the inanity of its premise. But no, they had to make a big deal out of PZ's attendance.

Now they've been featured in the New York Times unfavorably (again) and it isn't doing much for their reputations. They're not only liars for Jesus, they're also paranoid AND incompetent.

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