Friday, March 07, 2008

One year to midnight

I think I just wet myself. The publicity stills of the characters in the Watchmen film are up on Zack Snyder's promo blog and they look sweet. As a fan here are my obligatory rants (and the fanwanking:)

- Silk Spectre? More like Latex Spectre to me. But it works. Malin Ackerman looks like a more feminine Lucy Lawless.

- Nite Owl is supposed to be an analog of Blue Beetle, not Batman. That said, is that a paunch I see? (squeee)

- The Comedian and Rorshach look spot on.

- Where is Dr. Manhattan?

- Ozymandias looks like a reject from Schumacher's "Batman and Robin."

Anyway, the graphic novel is nigh untranslateable to film. It has too many tricks based on printed, sequential art, and deconstructs the superhero books of that time so much that the only solution would be to create a slightly different monster for the screen. Snyder seems to be gunning for that by not-too-subtly referencing superhero movies.

Oh well, here's to a year more of waiting.

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angela said...

Lucy Lawless looks way better than Malin Ackerman.