Saturday, March 22, 2008

Satire. If you need to explain it...

Some people are just too dense to get satire.

Julie Po of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines misses the point of the Inquirer editorial "Lucky." In a letter to the editor she reacts and says that Arroyo is still in power because of various deals and abuses of power. To attribute this to "luck" is to resign ourselves to more of her.

Which is true. The Inquirer understands this, being an activist paper. What Po fails to understand is that the editorial was being facetious, playing off Joey Salceda's "lucky bitch" remark. It is saying exactly the opposite: that Arroyo's "luck" is just our inability to get our act together and kick her out. I thought the last couple of lines made that clear enough.

In any other country, a combination of corrupt deals like these would be enough to bring down a government. Here, we have protests and demonstrations, but so far that is all. Ms Arroyo must be one lucky President!

But we could only be so lucky.

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