Saturday, April 05, 2008

Well there goes...

... half of local sitcoms' arsenal.

House panel OKs bill criminalizing mimicry.

A bill that seeks to criminalize mimicking or imitating a person's way of speaking particularly his peculiar accent or diction in an insulting and degrading manner has been approved by a committee at the House of Representatives.

To be fair, the rest of the bill makes sense, criminalizing religious discrimination in hiring practices among other things. It's just this "mimicry" thing that makes it all loopy. Does this mean we can't have another Alyssa Alano ("Keys Me") because we can't laugh at her stupid accent anymore? Or that we all need to keep a straight face when Sergio Apostol says "Madam Wetness" on air again?


Johann said...

no wonder there's an OA provision in the bill. it was authored by faysah "i hate pork in a violent way" dumarpa.

missingpoints said...

Ah, that's why the name sounded familiar.

I just realized, if "mimicry" is the crime, then it's still ok for me to laugh at Apostol and Alano? As long as I don't mimic them?

Anonymous said...

Kill joy.... we impersonate politicians, celebrities, and our teachers for fun pa naman.... there goes one of our favorite hobbies.

missingpoints said...

But it's a specific kind of mimicry, one that involves regional accents. If that's the case, then Ate Glow shpeaking like dish ish shtill ok.

It's a "hate speech" kind of thing. How can one tell if someone is mocking you for being you or because he despises your ethnicity?