Sunday, May 11, 2008


The most awesome comedy duo that no one's ever heard of despite BBC, HBO, and Comedy Central specials is Flight of the Conchords. The self-proclaimed 4th most popular folk-parody group in New Zealand (overtaken by their tribute band, Like of the Conchords) and inventors of hip-hop (in 2001, with Steve), FOTC combine deadpan delivery, witty dialog, and brilliant songs into a performance that elicits a continuous chuckle punctuated by guffaws and LOLs.

A combination of in-character performance a la Tenacious D and the well-crafted lyrics of Stephen Lynch, FOTC routines are like Monty Python sketches, with the faithful audience knowing what's coming next and giggling in anticipation.

"Jenny" -- a conversation between two strangers in a park
"The Humans Are Dead" -- Binary solo!
"The Most Beautiful Girl..." -- speeded up for Dave

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