Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shame is relative

So Dubya makes a remark that is downright offensive and is getting blasted (as is usual) on HuffPost. Americans and some Pinoys are saying great stuff like:

I can't wait until Bush tells Felipe Calderón that he's reminded of the great talent of Mexican-Americans every time he walks across the White House lawn.

Basically they're thinking:

He doesn't even know how condescending he is. This is embarrassing. For eight years we've had to let this jerk embarrass us. I'm so sick of that feeling - I get it whenever he starts opening his mouth and making words.

And they're praising GMA for being tactful:

Arroyo was way more diplomatic than I ever could have been. I'm torn between being impressed with her ability to shrug it off and disappointment that she didn't stare at him blankly and ask him if he'd been dropped on his head as a child.

But this is what's going to blow their minds: GMA probably thinks it's a compliment, too. And her staff, who have been shamelessly chasing Obama on her behalf, will try to spin it that way.

via In A Jaded World

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