Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ateneo reacts to something Rina Jimenez-David claimed about their behavior in UAAP games. I agree David was a tad irresponsible but a picture of a placard in a game should suffice. Ateneo is trying to prove a negative, which is difficult at best, especially outside math and symbolic logic.

What irks me is Dalandan's statement that the term "jologs" is derived from Jolina Magdangal. Of all the possible etymologies, this one is the most improbable. I distinctly remember encountering the term in 1990, during the first year of high school. We used it to describe a classmate who had his uniform dress pants modified to flare out; the kind of flare where you sew a triangle (of a different hue/fabric) between the seams. "Ang TV" (and Jolina's popularity) did not happen until the mid-90s.


Johann said...

talagang naglecture pa siya sa etymology ng jologs ah. di naman siya masyadong feeling.

missingpoints said...

He needs an editor. Ok na sana eh, the "jologs" part just took the impact away from his righteous indignation.