Sunday, August 10, 2008


Everyone knows (or at least suspected) that an Eraserheads reunion concert is just a matter of time and money. A little under a decade should be enough time for wounds to heal, and a couple of million pesos enough money for Pinoy professional musicians to swallow their pride. Add to that the fact that the people calling the shots for huge companies now are people my age, who were Eraserheads fans at the height of their popularity.

Philip Morris is accused of violating a Department of Health policy prohibiting cigarette companies from sponsoring music events. The company responded by claiming that the event is a private one, hence the need for invitations through their website. Well played, big tobacco.

Most people don't care. As far as everyone is concerned, PM is just the huge corporation willing to bankroll the biggest reunion since Juan de la Cruz. I won't start smoking because of that, and neither would other Eraserheads fans who were kids 10 - 15 years ago when the band was huge. A media-savvy generation like ours would know that this is just a stunt by Marlboro to get their name out there; a stunt that all large companies regularly pull.

Of course this is being hyped like John Lennon's second coming, but it isn't. A true reunion requires a new album and regular gigs, something I'm pretty sure they're not considering seriously. Unless they'll be writing new songs, this is nothing but a gimmick.

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