Sunday, March 01, 2009

Philip Jose Farmer 1918-2009

May you wake up near a grailstone next to Alice Lidell.

My first encounter with Philip Jose Farmer was through his crappy "Dungeon" series, which, while never among his top works, still was enough to blow the mind of a 12 year old. The image of Clive Foliot battling a gelatinous blob with the head of his brother was simultaneously creepy and fascinating.

As is most of his work.

Most everyone's favorite (mine too) is the Riverworld series, where everyone who has lived from the dawn of history to the early 1980s is resurrected on the banks of a million-mile long river in perfect health and youth. Skip the crappy Sci-Fi movie and get the books. Start with "To Your Scattered Bodies Go" and work your way up.

You will be missed.

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