Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You were told it was recorded

What part of "this interview is being recorded" is so difficult to understand that GSIS has to throw the anti-wiretapping law against Cheche Lazaro to save face? Holy crap, she called the director and told her she was recording the conversation. If the director didn't want to be taped then she should've PUT THE FUCKING PHONE DOWN. 

But what's sadder is the presence of idiots defending the GSIS via letters to the editor.  


Anonymous said...

His e-mail address is out there for everyone to see. Someone will set him straight some time soon.

So…the show was aired in November, but the warrant was issued at the end of April…ang tagal di ba? I wonder what happened during all that time. It’s unbelievable that an arrest warrant was even issued for the anti-wiretapping charge. A competent judge would not have allowed it.

missingpoints said...

Gah! What I find so idiotic is the assertion that Lazaro broke the anti-wiretapping law because she didn't ask for permission to record, she just informed the person on the other line that she was recording the conversation.