Thursday, June 04, 2009

But we can't really blame him...

... it's part of his job as Bong Revilla's PR guy. F. Robert Moraleda, colossally misses the point of Patricia Evangelista's column

He says:

Because supposedly very educated people fail to distinguish between the roles he plays onscreen and the real Bong Revilla off-camera, I am now convinced that he is a better actor than he had been credited for.

He implies that Evangelista conflates Revilla's screen roles with his real one as a public servant. But had he tried to understand the content of her column he would've noticed that she says:

This is Bong Revilla, whose contribution to culture is in large part the image of the Filipino macho man in a country where film and television offer the public the most accessible set of social standards.

His films reinforce the macho stereotype. She doesn't think that he is the roles he plays, she is saying that the roles he plays contribute to the macho culture that started this in the first place. The irony, which Moraleda fails to appreciate, is that Revilla and his father helped create the monster that he's trying to slay so loudly and so publicly. 

But more importantly, where is it in Bong Revilla's job description as a senator that says he needs to hold senate hearings to "pursue justice?" His job is to craft legislation, not to air other people's dirty laundry. 

Ah but Moraleda may be right after all, unlike the roles that he plays onscreen, the real Bong Revilla isn't really a hero.   


rose marie said...

lets support our government specially all of the senadors that are handling katrina’ case against hayden particularly Sen. Bong Revilla and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, were going to play an essential role for the inprisonment of hayden kho which is a pervert….........

missingpoints said...

^ And you miss the point of the post, too. :))

It is a matter for the courts to decide, not the senate. Senators are just wasting their time grandstanding. It is NOT THEIR JOB as senators to prosecute Hayden Kho.

Aldrin F.T. said...

Here, here. I wholeheartedly agree with you and Patricia.

As for the "great hero" Bong -- as a native Kabitenyo -- I *know* for a fact how corrupt and stupid that person is. Bow.

michelle said...

i agree with rose marie. Lets just support Sen. bong and Jinggoy kasi tumutulong sila sa bayan, hindi tulad ng ibang senador nangungurakot lang.

More power Sen. Bong.!!
Your doing a great job!!

missingpoints said...

^ Yeah, wasting people's money. Read my previous post to see what they're doing wrong. I have no problem with Senate inquiries in general; the problem with Revilla is that he's too stupid to actually craft legislation that might help victims.

I will never "just support" idiots who are too stupid to even stop and think of the ramifications of whatever they're doing.

Hehe, you gotta hand it to Bong's PR guy, he knows how to google. A tip dude, from one PR guy to another: craft a better, less idiotic and one-sided message like "let's support the guy." Oh, and would it kill you to create fake profiles for your internet trolls? :))

Aldrin F.T. said...

Hindi ako magtataka kung magkakahawig ang IP ng mga iyan. Sa bawat site ata na nababanggit si Bong, andun sila. Tsk, tsk. Que pobre.

Parang dito:

At natawa naman ako sa "hindi nangungurakot". Tanungin muna nila ang mga katutubo ng Kabite. Kami ang may alam. :))

missingpoints said...

Ang hina nila eh. When I was working for Roco in the early 00s I really hung out in PEx and introduced myself in LAFI as the Roco guy. Then I gave inside info to actual supporters on PEx so that they can answer queries too.

But of course Roco and Revilla are light years apart. Good luck finding real live online supporters that will parrot their PR lines. :))