Friday, August 07, 2009

Carlo J? No way!

Here's how the two National Artist singits responded to their critics. I respond in kind.

“Before you make a judgment, read my achievements first as an artist. Was I an idiot before I became a National Artist?”

No, but you're an idiot now for accepting it while chairing the very organization that recommends recipients.

“I don’t understand why people are making a big fuss about this. It’s sad that they have to resort to this tactic. It’s because it’s the first time for a National Artist to have such a long title."

No, you idiot, the only reason the title is so long is because you haven't really had any achievement in the regular fields so they had to make one up just to accommodate you. And even then you still aren't worthy.

"The past winners are not well-known. ’Di nila mapalutang ang award na ito. Ngayon lang ulit napapag-usapan (They can’t make this award shine. It’s only now that it’s being talked about again),”

Your capacity for idiocy is bottomless.

“I ask this question of other National Artists: Have you helped anyone in your work? I think this is not about the National Artist award anymore. It’s a personal attack on me.”

It doesn't matter, moron. It's not an award for humanitarian effort.

Caparas (on F. Sionil Jose):
"“He writes for a school. Not everyone knows about his work. Does that mean people not familiar with the things he does should also protest his being a National Artist?”

Two things: (1) F. Sionil Jose doesn't just write "for a school." If that's all you know about him then you're really an idiot. (2) we're protesting your nomination because we ARE familiar with what you've done.

Caparas (still on Jose):
“He said he walked out on my movies. But while he was walking out, millions were arriving to watch ‘The Maggie de la Riva Story.’ Who has the problem—the only one who walked out or the millions of viewers who came to watch my film?”

Uhhh, Philippine cinema?

“The population of Metro Manila at that time was 10 million. Four million people came to watch my film. Ask the film’s producer, Viva Productions, if you think I’m lying to you.”

And those four million are stupider because of that. Your films kill brain cells. Oh, and we believe you're telling the truth. Which is sad because you think the fact that your films are popular qualifies you to be a National Artist.


Paul said...

Nice blog, Patrick. They should have awarded Dolphy than Carlo J.

Nakumbinse mo ako, hehe...

Arnel said...

What's strange is that they were not even nominated by the selection committee. So where did their names come from?

Arnel said...

Now it's been put on hold - see here.