Wednesday, March 03, 2010

They've done it again

OK Go's Damian Kulash says their record label EMI had YouTube disable the embedding feature for their treadmill video, which resulted in a 90% drop in viewership. Back when videos were just expensive commercials for albums, Kulash says the record labels couldn't care less. But now that there's (potentially) money to be made online, they've started to clamp down. Which misses the point. In an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times he writes:
In these tight times, it’s no surprise that EMI is trying to wring revenue out of everything we make, including our videos. But it needs to recognize the basic mechanics of the Internet. Curbing the viral spread of videos isn’t benefiting the company’s bottom line, or the music it’s there to support. The sooner record companies realize this, the better — though I fear it may already be too late.
Published mid-Feb, the article may have helped. Their latest video -- involving a two-storey Rube Goldberg contraption -- is below.

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