Thursday, April 23, 2015


In the five years that I haven't touched this blog the internet and social media have changed so much that sites like this (where user-generated content means stuff written and/or curated by someone who cares) have been replaced by pictures and status updates to friends. A decade or so ago you had professionals writing websites and amateurs running blogs. Today, websites are just repositories of what the professionals write in blogs, and amateurs can be found everywhere.

While it's not an entirely accurate description of the landscape (that requires a bit more thought), it's enough for me to adapt a slightly modified strategy for running a blog. Of course the regular content will still be there but in order to "get it out there" one needs to share in on Facebook and Twitter, and maybe Instagram a relevant photo. Just five years ago this was the social medium; today in order to pimp this you have to share it on the medium that the audience really reads.

Which actually brings me back to how this thing started. A decade and a half ago, email groups were a thing. I'd write something everyday and post it to the different groups I belonged to. Eventually enough of them would transfer to the missingpoints e-group and the rest is history. (I know it's a cliche but I'm too lazy to think of something clever)

I haven't been writing enough so I need this, again, to get back up to speed.

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