Thursday, March 08, 2007


“The more education you get, the better you are able to process the information, and, also, the higher the quality of the information that you get in the first place.”

The poor aren't stupid, they, too, vote wisely. The problem is with the information that reaches them and the processes they employ to reach a decision. Imagine a kanto boy who dropped out of public school being handed P500 by Mark Jimenez and a t-shirt proclaiming MJ as "Hulog ng Langit."

Read the PCIJ report here. [via MLQ3]


mojacko said...

mark jimenez--"hulog ng langit" e di ba demonyo ang tawag pag nahulog ka sa langit?
seriously, though, i hope someone comes out with more info on sonia roco. i'm having a hard time searching the net about what her platform is.

missingpoints said...

I'm setting up a blog to collect all her news releases. We just finished answering several questionnaires from newspapers but I need clearance to show them online.

You can also check out's podcast of her interview.

Or email me privately, I can answer most questions re: platform.

Boom said...

re: sonia. she and some of the opposition candidates went to school this week. i officially like her.

re: mj. 500 ang suhol nya last elections. baka naman tumaas na this time. hahah!

Johann said...

sonia roco was in san beda last tuesday along with nikki coseteng, noynoy aquino and loren's rep. she improved a lot from her boring speech at the GO proclamation rally in plaza miranda. and she really impressed me with her platform. i hope she wins.

missingpoints said...

She's a theater actress. She can't do extemporaneous as well as RSR (who can, really?) but give her a great script and she'll shine.