Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Heroes 1x17

Brian K. Vaughn's assessment of "Heroes" is that it's a TV writer's attempt at creating a comicbook-like TV series. Unlike Joss Whedon (of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") , Tim Kring doesn't have comic con / genre cred, having gained fame from "Crossing Jordan." He misses some fine points and sometimes comes off trying too hard to include genre references (like George Takei's NCC-1701 plates).

Heck, he even (unwittingly, perhaps) makes it seem like a parody of the Silver Age with the overused and uber-silly "Save The Cheerleader..." thing.

But this latest episode ("Company Man") raises the bar for the series, making HRG a thoroughly likeable guy and staging one, nay, two of the coolest powers-based action scenes since Nightcrawler's White House assault in X2. It also utilizes flashbacks effectively in spite of the hokey black and white.

An exciting episode over all with bonus nerd points for casting Eric Roberts as the boss. I'm betting Jeffery Combs or Marc Alaimo will be showing up soon.

It may not be comic book TV, but right now it's damn good TV.

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Paolo said...

i second with you on that.. can't wait for the next torrent. =)