Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Win win situation

A guy holds a school bus full of children hostage, demanding free education for them, which is weird. If he cares for these kids, why endanger their lives?

At umeepal pa si Bong Revilla. If I were Ducat, I'd tell Bong to exchange himself for the kids. Once the trade is done, someone blows up the bus.

That's two birds with one stone. Everyone wins.


huami said...

Hobby ata ni Ducat ang mang-hostage.

engineerOFW said...

HUMOR makes this world A-Okay.

I'm sure some will say that you are a sicko for conjuring up that image that you did.

But one just need recall the many Southpark parodies... then say yup, that's funny!!!

Ben-Ariel said...

Haha. Perfect suggestion!

missingpoints said...

Someone HAS called me a sicko in Manolo Quezon's blog. But seriously, haven't we all wished Bong Revilla dead at some point? :)

Janice said...

Me and my husband nga were waiting for Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano to join the fiasco, tapos, bigla silang pagbabarilin ni Ducat after saying: PARA SA BAYAN!!! *bang-bang*

devah? :)

mojacko said...

who do i have to kidnap to make the telcoms remove this policy of cellphone pre-paid loads expiring if not consumed in 60 days?