Monday, April 02, 2007

A line you should never cross

We call them terrorists because they do things that ordinary criminals and rebels do not. The former commit atrocious acts in order to further selfish goals, the latter take up arms against the government. When the goals of the latter are combined with the techniques of the former, they are on their way to terrorism.

Jun Ducat may well be labelled a terrorist.

It doesn't matter how hard up you are or how noble your cause is, you NEVER PUT CHILDREN IN HARM'S WAY. Doing so automatically cancels any goodwill or sympathy you may generate.

Everyone wants better education for their kids, only a lunatic holds those same kids hostage in order to prove his point. He's almost as stupid as Trillanes and his group. The only difference is that Trillanes didn't know what the hell to do once the TV cameras were pointed at him. Ducat, on the other hand, played to the audience well despite his cliched rantings.

But his masterful use of media doesn't excuse him of his crime. He should be jailed if only to emphasize the point that PUTTING KIDS IN HARM'S WAY IS WRONG.

Pag pinagbigyan natin iyan, parang sinabi na rin natin na okey lang mang-hostage kung may kailangan ka.

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