Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kabahan na ba tayo?

Teenage girl rushed to hospital after coffee overdose. [The Guardian via jessicarulestheuniverse]

And here I was hoping to get me one of these:


huami said...

One double-shot espresso can already keep you up all night (even awake 'til noon time of the next day). Anything too much is bad. But coffee is just so addicting. haha

missingpoints said...

Literally. Caffeine IS addictive. Double espressos don't work for me anymore, I need two (quad) to keep me up.

But the sign of real addiction is withdrawal pains. I get antsy and irritable when I don't get my fix.

Jose said...

7 double espresso's, wow... coffee suicide.
maybe if she grew up in Batangas she'd still be okay..

missingpoints said...

I think the problem was she didn't go to the bathroom often enough. If she spaced out her caffeine throughout the day and peed often, her system might not have gone into shock.