Tuesday, December 25, 2007


In what seems to be a breach of blog etiquette, I lack a blogroll on my sidebar. It's not that I'm loathe to link to anyone, it's just that I still write with the missingpoints mailing list in mind, meaning, I tend to think of this space as a semi-pro thing instead of a personal site. Not that it matters nowadays. The line between amateur journalism / blogging and personal journaling has already been blurred past recognition.

To make up for that shortcoming (and since I already like the way the site is laid out), I'm posting the blogs I regularly read. In no particular order:

Stephen Fry -- There's a reason Granny Kumar lusts after him (more than the usual), and that's his unusually large brain. The guy is a certifiable polyhistor: writer, actor, comedian, geek. His blog posts defy convention by running into thousands of words, leading him to name them blessays.

Guy Kawasaki's "How to Change the World" -- Kawasaki's blog deserves a place here if only for the "Art of Bootstrapping" entry, which is a condensed version of the chapter in his book. It's a must-read for anyone starting any enterprise. And while he has the tendency to pimp his latest project a bit too much, his industry insight is worth slogging through the plugs.

Daylight Atheism -- Atheists are generally smart people as are their blogs, but Daylight Atheism is easily the most informative. His series on critical thinking should be read by anyone who claims to be educated.

Jane in Progress by Jane Espenson -- has been mentioned here before. "Buffy," "Firefly," and "BSG" (among others) writer shares insider insight on writing scripts. Anyone who's interested in episodic TV should take a look if only to understand what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite shows.

Good Evening by John Hodgman -- plays the PC in the PC vs. Mac ads and is Jon Stewart's "resident expert." In his blog he posts about his various obsessions such as hobos and LOL cats.

John Mayer -- is a pretty good writer. And while the blog isn't as informative as other musicians' (and only updated sporadically), the posts are generally good reads.

MLQ3 -- who the heck doesn't read Manolo Quezon? His commenters are a crazy bunch and are a source of amusement (and sometimes information) for me.

Neil Gaiman -- 'nuff said.

Pharyngula -- is PZ Myers's scienceblog. He doesn't blog about science so much as squid, secularism, and rants against stupidity.

Double Articulation -- is a comic lover / literature major's wet dream. Post-modern readings of my favorite books. Plus it helps that we both grew up on Teen Titans and The Outsiders.

Philippine Speculative Fiction -- is the place for updates and discussions on Philippine Speculative Fiction (syempre).

Copyranter -- is a NYC copywriter bitching about bad writing in ads. He can get a bit too snarky sometimes but the comments are spot on.

Boom -- is a guy I know who is studying law in NYC, among other things. Interesting insights written well.

alwaysanxious -- a good friend who blogs on everything from food to teaching to politics. She'll watch anything -- from Insiang to Avenue Q to Enteng Kabisote -- and write about it. Which is cool.

reason is the reason -- his "freethinking" stuff is great but I read him more for his takes on local politics, which are different from mine.

Design Observer -- some of the posters sound a bit too pretentious but it's a great resource for design related stuff.

Usapang Komiks -- is by an industry insider who has recently written a book on Philippine Komiks. Interesting insights and a comments section that is prone to long argumentative posts. Fun reading.

more in a bit...

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