Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Viewing

Here are some suggestions for holiday viewing (courtesy of your friendly neighborhood seeders):

The Hogfather -- All stories begin with blood. A brilliant take on the Santa Claus myth through the distorted lens of Discworld. One of the better Discworld live adaptations, too. Susan is nearly perfect (could've been a bit younger) and Death was spot on.

Doctor Who Christmas Special -- the Christmas specials are generally the weakest of the series but has the benefit of being the first, thus quenching your craving for Who during the holidays.

The Man From Earth -- Shown just this November, this is a group of college professors talking in a cabin. For the entire movie. One of them claims that he's been around since Cro-Magnon times and they debate the veracity of this. The last work of the man who conceived the Star Trek mirror universe, it is what a real science fiction story looks like when filmed.

More in a bit...

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