Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bad Writing III

An exclamation point is used to show an exclamation, something you blurt out like "Stop!" It is not a substitute for boldface or an underline. Do not use an exclamation point (or three) because you want to call attention to a sentence you wrote.

Copywriters take note.

* * * * *

Please do not begin your essays with "The dictionary defines ____ as..." unless you're in fourth grade. I swear I've seen opinion columns using one of the laziest intros ever.

* * * * *

Please stop using titles that begin with "of," like "Of Dandelions and Daffodils." That is so Victorian.

* * * * *

I've already broken several chain letters and my life is still fine. If it works for me, it'll work for you. Unless you think I'm better than you, in which case I probably am.


Anonymous said...

Sa sobrang inis, natatawa nalang ako dun sa mga nagfforward ng chain letters. Paniwalang paniwala pa... Sheesh... Sayang lang sa space, oras, etc.

You will receive 5 years of bad luck if you don't reply in this comment in 24-hrs. XD

missingpoints said...

It's irritating when you're moderating an egroup and some members insist on forwarding chain mails.

Are you old enough to remember when chain letters used to be left on church pews?

Anonymous said...

Ban! Hehehe...

I remember, but i haven't seen one (mas uso na kasi sa text nung naabutan ko... sayang sa load). Wow, isn't that annoying? Paano mo naman kaya ipapasa yun ng mano mano... nakakatamad na ngang i-forward sa email eh, isulat mo pa kaya ng isa isa. Tapos kung saang lupalop ng Pilipinas mo isusuksok... Haha! Parang ewan lang...