Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stuff to download

Been listening to these artists for the past few weeks. Since their music isn't available locally, I guess we can use other means of acquisition. ;D

Eisley -- Combinations
Named after the Mos Eisley Cantina from "Star Wars," this Texan brood plays music that sounds vaguely oriental while dressed as preppy college kids. Sounds like the bastard children of Keane and Enya.

Joanna Newsom -- Milk-eyed Mender
Imagine a folk singer who plays the harp instead of guitar. Oh, and she sounds like a muppet (or Yeardley Smith, not that there's much difference).

Vampire Weekend -- Vampire Weekend
The best thing since Arcade Fire. Youtube their SNL performance of M79 to get a taste of their awesomeness.


Boom said...

love vampire weekend! saw them live, super awesome.

missingpoints said...

I've been hearing the name tossed around for a while but didn't pay attention since they give the impression they're a goth band from the name alone. I didn't know they were more Arcade Fire / They Might Be Giants than anything else.

Boom said...

they might be giants! onga. huh. epiphany.