Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Say what?

Poe's Law says that fundamentalists are difficult to parody because their reasoning and their basic positions are so silly that someone might take them as truth. He is referring to US fundamentalists like the one in the wikipedia photo.

In the Philippines the politicians and cops are so brazen and/or stupid that it's hard to tell if they're joking. A Jon Stewart type of parody show might be moot, the regular news shows are funny enough.

Take for example this article on alleged bribery by Hanjin: PNP Probe clears Hanjin, 2 Mayors; Media blamed.

Tagoloan Mayor Emano said in an affidavit:

“Noticing my seemingly noncommittal stance at the moment, Mr. Choi may have been prompted to ask if I was interested in the sand and gravel supply contact considering that it would amount to P400 million,” Emano said.

Which raises eyebrows already. Choi was implying that the project will benefit the mayor personally. But the idiotic PNP Director Jefferson Soriano claims that the media just misconstrued the mayor's statement. The Director even goes on to say:

“[It] was not meant as a bribe. It was meant to entice the mayor to support or accept the diversion of the riverbed. It’s in his affidavit,” Soriano said. [Emphasis mine]

EH KUNG HINDI KA BA NAMAN BOBO'T KALAHATI. Isn't that the very definition of a bribe?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Tanga ampota....

missingpoints said...

Ang masakit niyan may nakalusot na naman. Ayos lang sana kung pagtakpan niya (well, hindi ayos, pero understandable), ang nakakainis ay yung itrato tayong parang tanga.

Anonymous said...

Yun nga eh. As if namang di magegets ng karamihan yun... they expect us to say "ahhhh... ok naman pala eh", eh pinahaba lang naman niya.