Saturday, May 03, 2008

You know there's a problem with UNICEF...

...when their people act more like Family First agents than UN volunteers.

I've been seeing UNICEF people on Ayala Ave. shaking hands (more like futilely trying to) with passers-by. Of course, nobody pays them any attention because in the business district everyone is in a hurry on a weekday lunch hour. Even me. Besides, everyone has encountered those MLM people in malls, wearing a UNICEF shirt doesn't take any of the Stepford-like creepiness away.*

Who was the genius who thought bothering people on their way to lunch in a Manila noon was a good idea?

I allowed one to catch me at the Cubao Art expo. The foreign woman (Malaysian? Vietnamese?) asked for my credit card info and told me that I can sign up to donate P500 a month. What she didn't tell me was where the money was going. I know about UNICEF but I need details, something they conveniently forgot.

The problem with those MLM types is that they're so focused on what they want from you that the whole encounter becomes a sales pitch. You're on guard all the time because they might get you to agree to something that you'd find hard to get out of. And they sound so smooth when they do it; like they eat gullibles like you for breakfast.

Which I half expect with those MLM types. But for a worldwide volunteer organization? It's really disappointing.

*And they're butt-ugly, too. Get some of those Coke Light girls or Coke Zero guys to do it. People WILL stop to talk to them.


Anonymous said...

Ano namang magagawa nila kung di kagandahan/kagwapuhan yung mga nagvvolunteer... Tiis nalang... hehehe!

I just try to go to the other side of the sidewalk para di na hassle... Gusng gusto namang magdonate, di naman na siguro kailangang harangin pa sa daan tutal kilala naman na ang UNICEF.

missingpoints said...

Ok lang namang mangumbinsi sila. Nakakairita lang yung style nitong mga volunteers nila ngayon. Buti pa yung World Vision maayos kausap.