Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My irony meter is broken

Sulpicio Lines sues PAGASA for "gross negligence and incompetence" in predicting the course of the typhoon. Yeah right. A shipping company that had four of its ships sink in the last 20 years, causing the death of thousands of people has no right calling anyone else negligent and incompetent.


Anonymous said...

Hay joske... As if PAGASA could control if the typhoon suddenly changes its mind and decides to go on another direction.

The policy of greed nga naman. Sakin, Sulpicio and the captain parin ang may sala.

Unknown said...

Sheesh!, this to me smells too much like a damage control ploy. I bet they think the best defense would be a "good?" offense.

What a cheapshot way to make back the money they lost paying out to the family of the victims. Business may be business, but not everything aught to be about the money.

missingpoints said...

It's bad (PR) crisis management. It ain't about the money (the ship's insured), it's more about shifting the blame. but of course if PAGASA is wrong, why is the Sulpicio ship the only one that sank? All the other shipping lines are fine.