Monday, October 06, 2008

Bad Thinking I

Some unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers spike their milk products with melamine to meet government protein requirements. Those products, which have already killed babies in China, have found their way here so the BFAD and DOH are testing products and conducting information campaigns. 

Simple enough? Not if you're a cab driver. 

A DOH representative was discussing the idea on the radio so the cab driver asks me "bakit ba nila nilalagyan ng melamine yung gatas?" I answer something along the lines of faking protein content and compared it to "kalburo." 

The standard reaction would be to say "Ah, ok." and continue driving; the guy on the radio said as much anyway so there's really no reason to doubt me. But cab driver did and that's fine, the problem was his alternative theory

My cab driver thinks that the Chinese have devised a new cure/therapy for kidneys and are using melamine to increase the number of kidney problems. A plot worthy of Blofeld / Luthor, which he admitted he thought of while watching cartoons. 

The problem is that there are no new Chinese kidney therapies and no indication at all of a connection between milk manufacturers and the hospitals that developed these new medicines. Occam's Razor gives us a simple explanation that works with the information at hand. 

But simple isn't my cab driver's style. 

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