Friday, October 10, 2008

You're so vain...

... you think that this song's about you.
--Carly Simon

* * * * *

Nerds did not complain when "Coupling" depicted Jeff (and later Oliver) as socially inept, old cops did not complain when "Life on Mars" depicted Gene Hunt as a barumbado chief inspector, and rich guys took it in stride when "Fry and Laurie" played them as clueless and effete. So why are Filipinos complaining when "Harry and Paul" shows a "Filipina maid" character giving an old bloke a lapdance? 

Playing up stereotypes has always been a part of comedy and the stereotype being played up here is that of the white man being aroused by the household help (the exotic, Asian household help).  It's a form or arrogance to assume that the point of the bit was us and not them. 

No one here would've complained if it were a Keeley Hazell-type sexy model, or a hoodied chav, or a generic Asian maid. But since "Filipino" was mentioned we automatically assumed that the show was making a statement about how low some of our countrymen have sunk. 


Anonymous said...

Diba parang mas nakakahiya pa nga sa foreigners yun dahil na-stereotype na sila na nahuhumaling sila masyado sa "exotic" Filipinas? Hehe! XP

missingpoints said...

Oo nga. Di naman siguro kahiya-hiya pero sila nga yung tinitira nung skit, hindi ang mga Pinay.

paolo said...

i think it can go both ways. on one hand there really are abuses of pinoys abroad. on the other, i think some pinoys are over-reacting.

missingpoints said...

We should complain about abuses and actual slights from their politicians and commentators. What we should take in stride are scenes from comedy shows that aren't really out to get us.