Thursday, October 16, 2008

It just might work...

I'm a TNG Trekkie. When the series premiered on channel 9 back in the late 80s I was worried that the party my family was going to would prevent me from watching. Luckily my brother and I found a room in my aunt's house with a black and white TV and no usiseros. "Encounter at Farpoint" was a solid episode and the Enterprise's saucer section separation sequence was eye-poppingly great for an 11 year-old. 

Since then I've watched almost all of the Treks (except the execrable "Enterprise") and was worried at how JJ Abrams would approach his reboot. It looks good, though. I'd watch if only for the eye candy and to hear how they explain the miniskirts and baby tees for Uhura. 

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