Saturday, November 01, 2008


"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King can walk. Martin walked so Obama can run. Obama is running so we can all fly." -- Jay-Z

You can argue all you want about foreign relations, economic policies, and adminsitrative experience but presidential elections often boil down to who you want representing you more -- the face, if you will, of your country. The reason I chose Raul Roco in, '98 and '04 for Philippine president was not just because he was generally clean and had a good platform, but also because I wanted a smart, articulate dreamer representing my country. He can address the United Nations and meet with heads of state and I'd be confident that he won't commit any major faux pas and maybe even end up impressing them. 

I was old enough to be thrilled seeing footage of Cory Aquino addressing the UN, the same thrill going up my spine when (yes, mababaw ako) two years ago Rivermaya sang at the MTV Asia awards. That feeling that people from other countries actually in awe of your representative never gets old. 

I guess that's the reason Barack Obama is leading in the polls. America, heck the whole world, wants someone they can look up to. 


mojacko said...

totally agree on obama as well as both times for roco.

meanwhile, i'd love to hear your take on the enfakid print ad 2 weeks ago. was it a gimmick or an epic fail?

Patrick Salamat said...

FAIL! Not epic but close, especially since they're touting intelligence. I doubt it's a gimmick unless the gimmick is to show that the guys who made the ad could've used some Enfakid growing up.